Speak Up

babyFeetLife Sciences & Society, a program at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, and Michigan State University have been raising awareness about Michigan’s newborn screening and biobank programs. Our own research goal is to evaluate different methods of communicating with the public about this topic.

Check out the stories below about what we’ve heard from you.

Mybloodspot.org @ college campuses

We visited 20 college campuses in 2012-2013 and conducted surveys and information sessions at health-fair-like information booths. Here’s what we published about these events.

Mybloodspot.org photo contest

A photo contest we ran in 2012 asked entrants to submit photos that featured the mybloodspot logo (or T-shirt) in Michigan locations. Alexandra Herten won an iPad! We described the contest in a paper about our inaugural Facebook awareness campaign.

Community meetings

In 2011 we held community meetings around the state of Michigan and collected detailed feedback from Michiganders about how they felt about the biobank. We published this paper about what we heard.  

Informed consent

Health researchers ask for consent because of the fundamental ethical principle that people’s participation in research  should be informed and voluntary. But informed consent takes a lot of forms, and isn’t always required. In some cases, it’s not possible or practical to get written consent from participants. For example, Michigan’s Biobank includes 4 million bloodspots … Continue reading Informed consent

Community Deliberations

In “deliberative juries,” groups of citizens can tackle hard and complicated problems through in-depth discussion. MSU held deliberative meetings around the state and on Facebook in 2011 and 2012. Testimony from 2011-12 citizen’s deliberative process

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